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We are a premier caterer in the NEPA area. We continue to offer great food at a fair price. All of our dishes are made from scratch with premium ingredients. Our belief is that if you start with great ingredients, prepare it with love and appreciation, the outcome will be amazing. 
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Our BBQ family would like to thank you for coming to our website. For those that know us, we just re-branded to Vito’s Family BBQ and will continue to bring great food and service to our community. We added ‘Family” to the name because it isn’t just one person making this happen, it’s the whole family! We are striving to bring you the best food experience possible at a very reasonable price. Whether it’s a small get together of twenty close friends and family, or a three hundred person wedding or church fundraiser, we will deliver service and food that will satisfy your guests and make it a very pleasurable experience. We don’t aim to meet your expectations, we work extra hard to exceed them!

My name is David Vito and I am the proprietor of Vito’s Family BBQ. I believe that everyone deserves the best service possible. I have been Q’ing for over twenty years and I love to share my food. I want to bring some real down-home comfort food to your backyard so you can enjoy it, free of stress, in the comfort of your own home. I am a believer that great meat is the backbone of amazing BBQ, so I hand select everything I cook. Fresh ingredients create the most flavorful dishes. There is nothing like fresh vegetables grilled to perfection and seasoned with fresh herbs and quality oils to create a flavorful explosion on your pallet. Or mouth-watering brisket that is so tender that it cuts easily with a fork and melts in your mouth. These are just a few of the items I can prepare for you and your guests.

We are a full service off-site caterer that can fulfill any catering needs. We cater to residential and corporate alike. We will create the greatest experience possible for you and a memorable one for your guests. We look forward to hearing from you and catering your events for years to come.

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Pitmaster Dave Vito