Pigging Out!!!

Cooking a full pig is not only a satisfying experience but also something that will create life long memories! Most of us are fascinated seeing a full pig roasting on a fire or in a cooker. The experience is etched into our minds and stays with us our whole life. I am fortunate enough toRead More

A word on rubs and mops P.2

Let’s talk about beef. When we think of beef, we see in our minds eye, an inch thick cut porterhouse steak with beautiful marbling and a pronounced bone and fat cap. Beef is probably my favorite protein to prepare on a regular basis. I could go on for pages about the cuts and how toRead More

A word on rubs and mops Pt. 1

I want to open the discussion of rubs and mops. Just to clarify, rubs are generally applied to food before the cooking process and mops are applied during and after the cooking process. Rubs can be either dry or wet and can be applied right before cooking or days prior to cooking the food. MopsRead More